Our History

In 2010 we asked, “How can a small sum of money make a massive impact on a debilitating disease?”  And we found:
Lacking celebrity status, we were just two guys from Wall Street, and by combining:

  • Our passion of flying planes
  • ith an outlandish endeavor and extraordinary attempt to break records

We could make an massive impact by literally:

  • Lift 100's of patients & share the joy of flying with those caged by MS
  • Grab television & other media attention and allow the patients’ stories to be heard
  • And encourage others to donate and join in the fight against MS
  • With aid of airplanes, we can visit many countries and cities in a single trip, igniting awareness at unprecedented global scale

Then in in 2010 Andrei Floriou & Keith Siilats took off from the US in a little plane and visited 31 countries in Europe. The original mission website can be found here: (2010 Mission).


  • 2 continents
  • 31 countries
  • 36,250 miles
  • Flying 100s of MS patients
  • In 75 days

The Milestones & Records Broken

  • Longest charitable flight ever undertaken
  • One of the most notable new charities as noted by the WSJ
  • Televised footprint covered over 10 million viewers in Europe
  • Most women introduced to flying worldwide by a single organization  in 2010