The Pilots

We are 3 friends and pilots living in New York City. We have been working in technology, finance and politics for many years. We will leave our jobs and America for 3 months and dedicate ourselves to this effort.


Chief Pilot

Profession: Google Engineer
Living in: New York City, New York
From: Czech Republic and Canada
About: Tomas is passionate about sustainable environment practices, animal rights and improving people's lives and health with technology.


Fouad Ahmed

Profession:Wall Street Portfolio Advisor
Living in: New York City, New York
From: Born and raised in Dubai and ethnically from India

About:  At age of 17 Fouad moved to the United States to pursue his higher studies at the University of Virginia. Upon completion, he moved to New York to begin a career on Wall Street and he received designations from the CFA Institute and Global Association of Risk Professionals. After spending 13 years at firms like TD Securities and Apollo Global Management, Fouad decided to explore passions outside of Capital Markets. In his free time Fouad enjoys spending time on the water sailing and kiteboarding.



Santiago Pesce (right) Tomas Vykruta (left)

Santiago Pesce (right) Tomas Vykruta (left)

FlyMS pilots Tomas and Vykruta met Santiago during the 2015-2016 mission while flying patients in Uruguay. One of the patients was Santiago's mom. The 3 pilots quickly became friends and visited the home of Roberto Canessa, the survivor of Uruguayn 571 crash. It was Roberto who suggested Santiago should join the FlyMS team and fly to Argentina with them for the next event.

Tomas and Fouad agreed. Santiago packed his bag and the 3 pilots flew off the Argentina. After Argentina the 3 did not separate, instead, they continued to fly together through many more countries all the way to New York. Santiago was not a part of the original team but proved to be an incredibly valuable member.

Guillaume De Ramel
(Reserve Pilot)

Profession: Investor
About: Guillaume is passionate about protecting the environment, learning more about our last great frontier in medicine - neuroscience.